Keeping with my series of replicated WW2 era publications…

…here’s one of my latest recreations, a cover of the fictitious 1940′s era magazine “Aero Mech Monthly”.

Aero Mech Magazine

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Kodachrome WW2 Images

Admiring WW2 Kodachrome images this morning inspired me to take one of my recently shot images, and recreate that Kodachrome look.

SNJ-4 Kodachrome Replica

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Vintage Album

Playing around on a lazy afternoon, digging through files from years past, I decided this image would make a good candidate for a little creative vintage editing.

Vintage Photo Album-QP

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B-25 Flight Operations Manual

I really get a kick out of letting my imagination go with these….the latest in my series of replicated military aircraft manuals, is this Flight Operating Instructions manual for the B-25 bomber.

QP B-25 Cover

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Remember building these as a kid?

Feeling in that creative mood this morning, here’s one of my Piper Cub images edited to replicate a balsa wood airplane kit box top.

Replica balsa wood model kit box top-Copyright

Copyright Balsa Kit Box Top


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“Southern Cross At Sunset”

Here’s one of my most recent photos, the C-47 “Southern Cross”, operated by Greatest Generation Aircraft based out of Texas.

QP Southern Cross at Sunset

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Replica General Aviation Ads

Here’s a couple of my airshow photos, edited to replicate vintage aviation advertisements.

QP Here She Comes

QP Aeronca Ad

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Be An Aviation Mechanic

Here’s the latest in my series of WW2 recruitment/war bond posters. This time paying tribute to the men who never get enough credit…the aviation technicians.

Be A Mechanic Army Air Corps Poster QP

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The Old Hangar Wall

I took a walk into town this morning, I had heard that Army Air Corps cadets were out at the old airfield on the outskirts of town, practicing touch-n-goes with their new Stearman biplanes.

I had a nickle that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I thought I’d make a day of it by stopping at the drug store for a cold bottle of Coca Cola, then slowly make my way through town and on out to the airfield.

I sat in the grass by the sod strip, and spent the afternoon watching the cadets practice. When low on fuel, they would land, taxi over to the pump, cut the engine and roll to a stop. Pulling goggles back over their leather helmets, they each climbed from their cockpits and gathered in a circle around the flight instructors. In the background the airfield attendant fueled their planes. Out of ears reach, I couldn’t hear exactly what they were talking over, but hand gestures, fingers outstretched like wings, suggested that the topic was their flight training and aerial maneuvers.

Planes fueled, they climbed back in their machines as radial engines sputtered to life, swinging props made of thick hardwood, smoke and flame belching from exhaust pipes. One by one they took off, formed up into formation and made one last pass over the field, headed into the slowly setting sun, back to the Army base from which they came.

I stopped by the old wooden hangar on my way out and pondered taking flight lessons myself as I read the metal sign hanging there that advertised them as well as aircraft rides. Next to the sign was a poster drumming up support for war bonds. I shoved my hands deep into my pockets and turned for town. And as I walked away it dawned on me that I would probably get called up for the service here soon before I saved up the money for lessons or even a 10 minute ride.

Maybe with luck I’d pass the physicals and get drafted into the Air Corps……

The Old Hangar Wall

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60th Anniversary Of The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

This month commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter……. “the missile with a man in it”.

Here’s a poster I put together to pay tribute to the Starfighter and her service to not only the U.S. Air Force, but the air forces other countries such as Canada, Italy, Germany, and Japan.

QP F-104 Poster


…..and a slightly different version of the same image, this time as a hardback book edition.

F-104 Book Cover

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