Belle At Dawn-A Canvas Print

I’ve always admired fine art aviation prints. These oil paintings are often a big inspiration in the processing of my photography work. Here’s one of those latest works, a piece created to emulate those framed masterpieces on canvas…

“Belle At Dawn”

Belle At Dawn


Shooting Opposite Of The Center Of Attention

We’ve all seen those airshow images- a row of photographers on the center-line, telephoto lenses so long that they almost appear to stretch out across the active. All in a row, moving in unison like the bows of the first row of violins in an orchestra. 15 guys all focused on the same subject, capturing literally the same image.

I’ve been there. I’ve worked my way through the crowd, up to the line…tried to squeeze my way in-between photogs to get my share of the action. It was then that I realized- there’s more going on around me, than the routine that’s presently on the schedule. There’s a whole plethora of subject matter just waiting to be captured at the show, when I focus on…

“Shooting Opposite Of The Center Of Attention”

And when you learn to resist that urge to fall in line with the others, your reward is returning home with images the other guy missed out on.

The End Of Summer

The end of summer sadly means the end of the airshow season. The cooler weather invites one to sit back and review the years’ photos. This time of the year is also the time I like to let my creativity flow and one way I enjoy doing that, is taking my images and creating replica military manual covers, war bond posters and related vintage images.

Another way I enjoy keeping the creative aviation juices flowing, is to pick back up on an old childhood hobby of mine…plastic model building. Photographing some of my early plastic models could be considered the beginning of my interest in aviation photography.

Here’s an older image of mine that reflects back on those childhood model building days…

“Childhood Memories Of Model Building”
Childhood Memories Of Model Building

US Army Air Corps Flight School Poster

When I saw this Army Air Corps trainer two weeks ago at the PIKES PEAK REGIONAL AIR SHOW, I immediately began envisioning Army Air Corps posters in my head. Well this morning the vision became reality, as the inspiration hit me and I went to work editing.

“Air Corps Flight School Poster”

US Army Air Corps Flight School Poster

2014 Pikes Peak Regional Air Show

On Saturday 9 AUG 2014, my day started at 0400 with a shower, shave, quick breakfast and out the door I go! The bulk of this summer Saturday consisted of crawling, kneeling and walking around yet another hot, dry airport ramp shooting images at this year’s Pikes Peak Regional Air Show!

Airshow gates opened promptly at 0800. I like to arrive early to these events and showed up around 0730. Arriving as early as possible, not only allows one to beat the crowd but also to take advantage of that small window of “good light”.

Unfortunately, arriving early to this event did no good- 0800 is 0800 to these event organizers! Once the starter pistol was raised in the air, and the start shot fired (just kidding, seemed like a race though) it was a mad dash of photogs and spectators as everyone went scattering to all corners of the ramp, rushing to be the first to get in a few shots of the aircraft before the others arrived.

A 0800 start time still provided a bit of decent light, but a clear blue, almost cloudless sky quickly let the sun shine down full bore on the field.

Here’s one shot I managed to capture, just about at the end of that window of “good light”.

Red Star Sunrise


I’m still going through photo files at the moment, sorting through the images shot that day. Updates to this posting will be made as images are processed. Here’s a couple shots to get things started!


The majority of the fighters were lined up here at the back of the Hot Ramp, an area which I affectionately dubbed “Fighter Row”.

Fighter Row


The Other End Of Fighter Row


Warm sunlight basks the cockpit of the Stinson L-5 “Miss Stitch”.

Stinson L-5 "Miss Stitch"


P-40 Warhawk from the Pikes Peak Regional Air Show, with a Kodachrome/Vintage twist to the processing.

P-40 Warhawk WW2 Kodachrome


A6M “Zero” or  “Zeke” as it was called by our Allied forces.



A Hypnotizing spinner.

Hypnotizing Spinner-4


Cockpit of the P-40 Warhawk.

P-40 Cockpit


The Tuskegee Airmen P-51.

Tuskegee P-51


More photos being processed, check back often! And don’t forget, you can keep up with my work on Facebook. Just follow the link above!


On the morning of Saturday August the 2nd, I attended the National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR) aviation facility open house.

Currently NCAR and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are  conducting in-flight studies to understand summertime air quality along the Colorado Northern Front Range.

The aircraft NCAR and NSF are flying, are literal airborne laboratories equipped with remote sensors and air sampling instruments, sampling  Colorado’s air quality  at altitudes between 1,000 and 28,000 feet. Testing is being conducted between 16 July – 16 August 2014.

On this clear blue Saturday morning, NSF/NCAR had two aircraft present on the ramp- the C-130 “Snowflake” and a NASA P-3. I was able to briefly catch the P-3 as it fired up its engines and taxied out for an air sampling mission. The C-130 was parked on the apron for guests to admire, and within the hangar was the NSF’s Gulfstream V “H.I.A.P.E.R.”- which stands for: High performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research.

I hope to get a chance soon to head out in the evening and capture more images sometime before this research ends. In the meantime, here are some shots from Saturday morning…

P-3 Engine Start

NASA P-3-1

HIAPER Gulfstream V-1

NCAR C-130

Snowflake In The Sun

NCAR Open House



Thumbs Up For FiFi V2.0

One of my most popular images from last year’s Rocky Mountain Airshow, was a photo of the world’s only flying example of the B-29 Superfortress. I titled that image, “Thumbs Up For FiFi”.

This morning, while going through those RAW photo files, I stopped on this variation of that image from last year, and decided to process it as well. Here’s “FiFi” again, in all her glory….

“Thumbs Up For FiFi V2.0″

Thumbs Up For FiFi V2.0