Aviation Photography Inspired By A Maintenance Career

Growing up as a kid, I was constantly the recipient of maintenance manuals and related aircraft literature passed down to me by my father. And with an interest in all forms of art, it seemed that if there was an artistic medium I could use to display something aviation related, I would try it.

Later in life, my interest in drawing inspired me to take drafting classes in High School. In drafting class I could combine two of my passions-mechanics and drawing. I think these two interests, in combination with the maintenance manuals I received as a kid, gave me an appreciation for the drawings and art found within those publications.

Today that passion continues and has been recently renewed in the latest series of replicated aircraft manual covers I’ve created. (See my page above “Posters & Artwork”.)

I still enjoy thumbing through parts catalogs or reviewing assembly drawings or detailed parts drawings. Here’s a couple images I created recently, inspired by the WW2 military manuals published for the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

QP B-17 Tail Gunner Position Manual Page

QP Ball Turret Maintenance Manual Excerpt

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