I’ve had a life long interest in aircraft of all types. With a father who spent his entire career in the industry, I was exposed to aviation at an early age.

  As a young child I began experimenting in photography with a Kodak 110 pocket camera given to me by my mother.

  Combining my interest for both aviation and photography, I began taking photos of the model aircraft that I built. I have always been interested in all forms of art, and as a kid I was constantly drawing, sketching or painting images of aircraft. In High School during the early 80’s, I enrolled in beginning and then eventually advanced photography classes.

  Learning the basics on a 35mm Pentax K1000, I shot assignments given out by the instructor. I then developed that film and headed into the darkroom to begin processing my work.

  At my Senior graduation I was presented with an award for photography and art, and for my graduation gift I received a second camera from my mother…a Pentax K1000 of my own. 

  I get chills from the sound of a radial engine and my eyes quickly turn to the sky when an aircraft flies by. I just can’t seem to stay away from aviation, and in my free time I attend airshows and visit local airfields as much as possible. I try to take advantage of travel to visit aviation/military museums and attractions.

To date my published aviation work has been seen in:

  • HeliOps Magazine
  • Vertical Magazine
  • Vertical Magazine Online
  • Commemorative Air Force Newsletter “Propwash Gazette”
  • Official Commemorative Air Force Magazine “The Dispatch”
  • Featured on aviation industry Facebook pages
  • Advertisements by aviation organizations
  • Longmont Times Newspaper Online
  • Warbird News Website

My aviation photography has won awards such as:

  • 2nd Place People Category Vertical Magazine 2012 Photo Contest
  • 2nd Place Artistic Category Heli-Ops Magazine 2012 Photo Contest

My work in the past has also included firearms photography, as well as product reviews and written articles featured in:

  • Guns And Weapons For Law Enforcement
  • Combat Handguns
  • January 2012 SWAT Magazine Cover
  • Manufacturers Advertisements in SWAT Magazine
  • POLICE Magazine

  My main interest though is aviation photography and I especially enjoy the periods of manned flight from the beginning of aviation in the early 1900’s, to the modern  jet fighters of today. One area of extreme interest of mine, is the vintage aviation era from the 1920’s through the WWII period of the 1940’s. I love recreating aircraft magazine advertisements, military recruitment/war bond posters and postcards, and prints depicting aviation during those time periods.

  Thank you very much for taking the time to visit Quib Photography. I hope you enjoy sharing in my enthusiasm for capturing aircraft images and preserving aviation history, and enjoy viewing the posts and galleries here displaying my work.

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